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News (image by

7:30 PM Tuesday, December 3rd, 2002 Harabec (image by
Well I've been bored recently, so in my boredom I created a program that generates a magic square. What's a magic square? A magic square is a table with equal odd integar dimensions (ex: 3x3) where every row, column, and the 2 corner diagonals adds up to the same number. For the 3x3 square, every row, column, and corner diagonal will add up to 15. It's actually a pretty cool program, and took quite some time to make. The program itself allows the square's size up to 11x11 (any more and the calculations look sloppy when presented to the user). You can download the program here. Enjoy!

7:45 AM Monday, December 2nd, 2002 Harabec (image by
Everyone welcome Angry Arsenist to the clan! He signed up about a week ago, but due to my slowness in checking email, I didn't catch it. My apologies for the delay Angry Arsenist! Hopefully I'll get better at it (I usually dread opening my inbox though because of random junk mail that piles up in there).

6:30 PM Saturday, November 30th, 2002 Harabec (image by
I'd like to start off by saying that I'm sorry for not being at the meetings. Something happened to the router (don't know what, but after resetting it several times over it finally works). However, my connection to the internet was basically down because of the fruitiness of some hardware over Thanksgiving day (Thursday), Friday, and Saturday. I'm not quite sure WHY it was all screwed up, but it works now. Anyway, I'd just like to say that I'm sorry about that!

Also, if anyone had looked at the member's page recently, they would have seen that Ecantonae was awarded a few more metals! Congrats Ecan. Also, Psycho and Canadian have both been with the clan for a full year now (as of yesterday)! Even though Canadian's still waiting to get a reliable internet connection (I think his 1 free year of MSN expired and his dad's going to actually get cable, but until then I don't think he has internet). So Psycho and Canadian have both been awarded the Medal of Service. Thanks for sticking with this clan for so long guys!

That's all for the updates for now. If you guys can, please try and find your opponent for the WarCraft III bracket. Thanks!

8:48 PM Wednesday, November 27th, 2002 Harabec (image by
My apologies for the lack of updates. There really just hasn't been a lot going on. No one's fought in the tournament lately (Dark and I finished our bracket). Why people aren't fighting is beyond me. Maybe it's because of difficulties in getting together? Then come to the meeting... but no one comes to the meeting except those who have already fought their bracket (or one opponent shows up but the other doesn't). This is getting tiresome people. If you don't want the tournament I can always just cancel it. I thought it would add something to the clan.

Ok, now that my rambling is out of the way, on to updates! I finally fixed the "Next" and "Previous" functions, allowing access to all 34 music files! Also, in addition to that, I've added the title of the music down in the bottom left corner of the browser window (it will appear when you move your mouse over the music choice). This will make it easier to reference instead of trying to remember which # is your favorite - just remember the name and look for that!

I'm on Thanksgiving break, along with just about everyone else (except Werewolf who can't exactly celebrate Thanksgiving considering that he lives in Austria - 'tis a shame - FREE WEEK OF NO SCHOOL!) Also, during this immense break off, perhaps we could get more people to fight in the tournament? Yes? Good. Also, the meetings are still on for this Friday and Saturday, but if you can't make them that's understandable. However, if you have nothing else going on then try and be there!

As of OSF, I'm really puzzled as to where to take it. There aren't enough people on to get it to be as good as I want it to be. Perhaps more recruits would be a better addition to the clan. If you guys find a nice guy that's looking for a clan, feel free to invite him (or her - no I'm not trying to be sexist, just using a general expression)!

10:15 PM Wednesday, November 6th, 2002 Harabec (image by
Dark and I played our first round in the tournament! The replay is here for those interested!

10:00 PM Sunday, November 3rd, 2002 Harabec (image by
First news on updates: Everyone please give a warm welcome to Maximus, the newest addition to the Order of Light! I was a bit slow on checking my email, and he had sent the form out on Halloween night. Sorry about the small delay Maximus!

Concerning the tournament: Lazerlight has defeated Maedhros! No other matches were played due to that only half of the people were on, and their opposing partners were not. However, I will extend the deadline to the end of next weekend out of generosity. If it hasn't begun by then, I will have to begin disqualifying people. So try and set up a time with your partner on the forums or something! Let's get this party started!

4:49 PM Thursday, October 31st, 2002 Harabec (image by
Happy Halloween everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates, but school's been attempting to use every measure possible to kill me. Anyway, I guess they figured people in high school were actually going "Trick-Or-Treat"ing and didn't give us really any homework. So I'm going to make a quick update and reminder to everyone: There's a tournament going on, and yet no one has really engaged in it. Ushdui and Burn have fought one match, but that's it. This tournament has been going on for 2 or more weeks, and I was hoping for a lot more activity in it. It was meant to be conducted on your own free time, but apparently that doesn't work. So I'm asking that everyone that can be on Saturday @ 12:00 Noon Centeral Time (1:00 Eastern), please be on so we can get this underway. If your bracket has not begun by the end of this weekend, but your opponent has made himself available or was on this Saturday, then you could very well be disqualified and your opponent moved up. The your match does not necessarily have to be conducted this Saturday, as long as it has finished by the end of this coming weekend (so by November 3rd, 11:59:59:99 PM, you had better be done w/ your bracket). If you are not currently matched with anyone because of an odd number of players, don't fret, you're fine. Otherwise, I'd start looking for your opponent. If you're on this Saturday @ noon centeral time (1:00 eastern), then it's all good. If you're on but your opponent isn't, you might just receive a free advancement. Anyway, the best of luck to you all in the tournament and your match!

5:07 PM Saturday, October 19th, 2002 Harabec (image by
This is going to be a quick update because I have a band competition to get to, but just about an hour ago I defeated what most people consider extremely overpowered: huntresses. The map's Lost Temple, it's a 1v1 game (ladder game on Azeroth, iMerlin is level 7 and I was level 6). You can find the replay here if you are interested in a way to defeat the 'overpowered huntress.' It's a quick replay (4:36), so if you have about 10 minutes to spare then I highly suggest downloading this!

*Note: Rename the file to "HuntressRusherRUSHED.w3g" because my hosting service doesn't seem to like unrecognized syntaxes, and .w3g isn't recognized by the server. Sorry for the inconvience!

7:37 PM Thursday, October 17th, 2002 Harabec (image by
A few things are a different. First and foremost is that we now have a domain! Our web address isn't anymore, it's! Also, everyone please welcome the newest member to the Order of Light, Maverick!! He's decided to participate in the tournament, so watch out Lazer and Maed (one of you will be playing him!)

9:26 PM Wednesday, October 9th, 2002 Harabec (image by
The patch that everyone [that plays WarCraft III] has been waiting for is finally here! Yes, the 1.03 patch is here! For a list of changes, click here! Also, since the WarCraft III 1.03 patch is now out, the tournament is under way! Obviously there are still blank spots, so if you want to be in the tournament then notify me via the forums quickly! Blank spots that don't get filled will just count as a "by" round for any player that happens to get matched against one. Also, if you appear to be inactive or just don't ever play in the tournament, you may lose your spot and it will be counted as a "by" round for your opponent.

Obviously with a patch comes fixed previous imbalances (such as shamen massing and tower creeping), but also comes new and undiscovered imbalances. Here are my thoughts after playing a few games:

Orcs: Personally I think they got the shaft hard. Grunts received a +20 HP upgrade, which makes a pretty big difference when massing them (+100 HP more than usual with just 5 grunts, +200 w/ 10, you get the idea). However, HH, the Orc Anti-Air unit has been nerfed significantly (and boosted at the same time). They received a .54 increase in cool down, making them attack much slower than before. However, they received a +90 HP boost. I honestly think Blizzard is making Orcs what they intended to be - like the Protoss from StarCraft: Slow but powerful and menacing. A good boost that they also got was a boost to the Kodo (has 1000 HP now, which is great!) So now they actually have a use. Orc Towers were beat into the ground with the nerf stick, driven down in damage to 16 - 18. So overall Orcs got a beating.

Humans: Humans farm bug has been fixed (hooray!) However, their Archmage was POUNDED with the nerf stick. Every single skill this guy has (besides his ultimate) was nerfed. Water Elementals now only last 60 seconds instead of 75. Blizzard's radius no longer increases per level, and stays at the same radius it was at level 1 in 1.02 patch. So basically it doesn't increase in radius, only in damage. The brilliance aura is not a percent based skill anymore, but a constant number (I forget the exact numbers, but it's not as good as it used to be). The paladin got a strange buff - Divine Shield was decreased to 25 mana instead of the costly 75 mana it was before, making it a much better skill to get. That's all that was changed about Humans - just their heros. Oh, and of course the tower bug was fixed as well.

Undead: Probably considered the weakest race next to Humans last patch got considerable boosts to everything they have. Gargoyles ground attack has been significantly boosted, and many aruge it is now overpowering. The lich, who was only considered good by the experts of WarCraft III (which is why I loved him!), got a boost in the strength department, which means a boost in his hitpoints. His speed is still the same, but Frost Armor now only costs 40 mana AND IT'S AUTOCAST!!! Frost Wyrms have been fixed so that they also slow air as well. An undocumented change that no one has noticed yet is that AMS (Anti-Magic Shell) is now undispellable. I've been waiting for this to happen, and how this will play out is yet to be seen. However, let's just say that no more polymorphing any of my Frost Wyrms! Then again, with gargoyles this powerful, who needs Frost Wyrms?

Night Elf: The most feared race out of them all hasn't been nerfed as hard as everyone anticipated. The only change to the huntress is that the Sentinal is now a Tier 2 upgrade (undocumented change). Another nerf to the sentinal is that it can now be dispelled OR knocked down from the tree WITH JUST ONE ATTACK FROM A WORKER (don't have to knock down the tree, just hit it once and bye bye sentinal!) Moonwells have been nerfed so that when healing health and mana, 100 points won't heal both, but only half of each (before 100 mana in the moon well would heal health for 100 "moonwell mana" and mana for 100 "moonwell mana," basically using 200 "moonwell mana"). Thorns was buffed significantly, from being a Tier 1 slaughter to being a threat to Tier 3 and heros. It's now a percent based skill (10%, 20% and 30% respectively). This makes melee heros fear hitting stuff, because they're getting quite the beating while doing so. Treants now last 60 seconds instead of 75 seconds, but since no one cared about these guys I haven't noticed any real difference. Wisp Detonate now does 225 damage to summonables, which is quite nice, considering it used to only do 150. Also, their movement speed has been increased by 25%. What this really means I don't know. I haven't noticed any real difference, so it seems kind of an odd thing to update. The Demon Hunter mana burn has been... changed. It now only works on other heros / units that DON'T have mana burn. So a Demon Hunter can not mana burn another Demon Hunter (or Felhound for that matter). Interesting change, one that will have to stick around to really see if it has a big impact.

I feel that the game is getting very closed to being balanced. I think Orcs were hit a bit too hard, and that's just about it. NE, UD, and HMN are all a close match now. People complain about gargoyles because they used to be horrible against ground. Now they actually damage the ground enough to be targetted, and this scares people. I'm beginning to wonder if Frost Wyrms / Gargoyles is going to be the equivalent of DotT / Chimera, but better? We'll have to wait and see...

8:17 PM Tuesday, October 1st, 2002 Harabec (image by
Today has some interesting updates. First and foremost, we have 2 new official members to the Order of Light. What do I mean by official? Well, I don't check my email as often as I should, and SoulRavage sent in a request about a week ago. So technically he should have been a member for a bit now, but because of my habit of not checking my email often... Also, EvilJellyFish (who goes by IFartForNoOne now), an old time friend of OOL, has finally decided to join (been a bystander for many years now, glad that you decided to join our ranks!).

The next update is a pretty big FFA between me (JakeHunter/Harabec), LazerLight, SoulRavage, and Dark47Assassin and 2 comps on Divide and Conquer. This game was pretty long, and you probably won't believe the comebacks that are made throughout this game! If you're interested in seeing this exciting replay, check out the Night Elf Strategy section (if you check it and it's not there, it's probably because I'm putting it there as you check it!). Don't know where that is? Well, it's in this new tab I added last week called "strategies" over on your left! What? Actual strategies will be posted here?! Whoa! *crowd murmers approval*

Does the news look a bit smaller? It should! This is because we're finally in the 4th Quarter of 2002 (I don't even have 2nd and 3rd seperated yet lol, but hopefully not too long after this is posted I will).

Well I got a bit of updating left to do. First off, everyone should download that FFA. I'll give this away - every Human player gets Night Elf, and let's just say that pratically every Night Elf strategy ever imagined is featured in this replay! Again, check the Night Elf strategy section for the replay!