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This is a place where downloads can be found. Things that may be found here are replays, screenshots, and maybe one day bots. THIS SITE WILL NEVER HOST HARMFUL HACKS FOR ANY BLIZZARD GAME!!!

Having problems unzipping the file? That's probably because you're not supposed to! The hosting service I use doesn't know all of the file types, such as .w3g for the WarCraft III replays. So I created a simple solution that lets me host files and for you to still download them. Here's how it works. When you click on the file to download it, choose "save." It should then bring you to the screen where you can rename the file, choose where it goes, etc. Name the file to "whateverfilename.w3g" (for WC3 replays, change .w3g for whatever file-type you're downloading) - but here's where it gets a little tricky. Right underneath where you rename the file is a drop-down box (you click on it and it displays several selections that you can scroll through). You must select All Files (*.*) or else it will rename your file to "," defeating the purpose of the whole renaming process. If you still have trouble, and don't understand these steps, please post on the forums so someone can help you (and so I can phrase this better!)

Area under construction - all previous WC3 replays were of patch 1.00, and other files were extremely outdated. A more robust system will be in place shortly. Thanks for your patience! - Harabec

Author Game Type Map Short Description Download
Harabec Custom 2x2 Gnoll Wood 2 Undead who both go for ghouls get matched up against an Orc and Human who both go AIR! Looks bad for the Undead... Download!