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This page was last updated: Monday, 08-Mar-2004 16:18:57 EST
Order of Light
Welcome to the official website of the Order of Light, a clan that has existed for 5 years on Battle.Net. The Order of Light is a gaming clan for StarCraft, StarCraft: BroodWar, Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, and WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne (click for profile).

If you happen upon this webpage and are interested in joining, you must contact us through Battle.Net in our home channel (Clan OoL) or through the forums. The form on the website no longer exists because of the floods of petitions I received to join, and yet never saw a soul on. Also, if you decide you wish to join, you must agree to all the rules listed on the rules page to be accepted.

News (image by

3:10 PM Monday, March 8, 2004 Ush (image by
Has God appeared on earth for a twentieth time, or are you dreaming? These may be questions you are asking yourself in your head after realizing that such a tramatic event, such as the updating of this webpage, has taken place. Rest assured, there is no need to overreact. Hardly anything of relevence is being posted by yours truly. Everyone meet the newest leader, Havok, AKA RedFoxofHell. He has been promoted after Hara's untimely and unexcused absence from clan activity over the past few months. We also have a few new shamans. Welcome into the rank of shamandom lHaveaclan (Call him Anni), and K-wolves. We are currently in the process of trying to up clan activity, so we're going to try some heavy recruiting tactics over the next few weeks and months. We may also be scheduling a tournament or two. There, an update, now will you let me sleep?!

4:00 PM Sunday? November 16th?, 2003 white (image by
Ermm... Sorry for the time lapse since the last update.... Big problems have sprung recently within the Clans of Order of Light and the recently created Order of Darkness... (what is this, the 3rd one?). Anyway, try to be at the meeting this Friday, it should all be cleared up then. Tomorrow Hara, who came back to the clan recently, will be promoted to Chieftain. It's still unsure what will happen to OoD members, especially Mack, account now being BooBooKittiFuk. A few of the OoD members have rejoined OoL already, but as for the rest of OoD, their fates will be known on Friday. If Hara isn't on BNet tomorrow, it may be postponed until Friday.

4:00 PM Friday, October 31, 2003 white (image by
It's Halloween! Happy Halloween guys, I'm excited to hear all of your terrorist actions towards your neighborhood in the forums! Heh, on another note... My sister is supposed to be working (lifeguard) right now at the YMCA but she thought she had a sub... So she's out partying at the High School and was going to have a surprise birthday party for somebody else... but muahahahah.... She uh.. Has to work. We're trying to catch her at the High School now. Just a bit of personal news... haha I had to get that out... Man... she's gonna get fired... Blahahaha... Happy Halloween!

4:20 PM Sunday, October 19th, 2003 white (image by
Hey guys, Marching Band is officially over for me this year (yay!)! Of course, we got first with a score of 91.2 (sucks for us). So congratulate us! Yay! Anyway, I was at the meeting I think, I don't really remember... Oh wait... No, dinner, of course, as always, went until like 8:30, so sorry. I believe that a few members were questioning a few things, one of those being meeting times. Meetings are at 7:00 PM, every Friday of the week. If neither me or one of the shamans shows to the meeting (which shouldn't happen without previous knowing therof), then the time is rescheduled to 8:00 PM. I, myself, would prefer 8:30 PM, but Ush doesn't. So it's 8:00 PM. Recap: 7:00 PM every Friday, if nobody shows, 8:00 PM (All times central). Hope to see everybody online soon! Keep up the good recruits Twisted!

9:00 AM Saturday, October 4th, 2003 white (image by
Well, the meeting was a blast. All two minutes of it. Twisted, Ush, and... I think a few of the newest recruits were there, as well as myself. We really didn't do anything.... as usual, and Twisted was AFK most of the night. I thought I'd better do an update though, because it's been a while. Also, thank you and congratulations to Twisted for the new recruits! Welcome to the clan! Everybody please give a warm welcome to the new recruits!

11:30 Friday, August 22nd, 2003 white (image by
Well, I failed to make it to the meeting again. This time my family went out to eat ( often do on Fridays). I hear that Ush and Looo both made it though. Thanks to you both! Obviously nothing was accomplished then, but I'm trying to devise this new system... I like to call it, "Leadership of Friday". I'll let you know more when I do.

1:15 PM Wednesday, August 20th, 2003 white (image by
A few days ago, Order of Light had promotions. I was not at the meeting. I have a good reason, and if you wish to know more, please ask about it on the forums. I promoted a choice few to shaman, demoted many to peon, and kept only a couple grunts. Some had to do with time in clan, some with level. Shamans - PLEASE recruit, PLEASE level up, and PLEASE work with the clan to help them get better. I regret not making it to the meeting last Friday, but because nobody else said anything, it seems, nobody was there. At least I have nothing to regret for not being there now. In a few weeks, when we have more, active, members, there may be a requirement not to miss a certain amount of meetings. Good Luck making it to the next one. - Thanks

10:08 PM Thursday, August 14th, 2003 Harabec (image by
Haha... over 3 months since my last website update. Anyway, since Ushdui asked, I'm going to make a special guest update as to recent events. Where to begin...

Well, obviously I hadn't been active lately. This was due to several issues, but the most outstanding one was that I really no longer had an interest in any of the Battle.Net games. When The Frozen Throne came out, I of course bought a copy, but I only played a grand total of 6 games on that initial day and never played it again. Why? I've asked this question myself a lot actually, and I don't have a solid answer. I just don't find it as much fun as I used to. So, because of my inactiveness, I decided I was not fit to run OOL any longer. Unfortunately, I had let it crumble quite a bit before officially resigning, and for that I regret. However, I tried to do what I could to get it back on its feet. I appointed DarkAssassin leader because I knew he was an active and dedicated member. However, Dark wasn't on when White and several others were, so White was forced to (at the time) be Chieftan of OOL until Dark could get on.

So, White was Chieftan, and Dark finally gets on. I'm not too sure what happened, but basically Dark gets all pissy because everyone isn't on 24/7. White says something about that maybe Dark shouldn't be leader or something, I don't know. I wasn't there, I don't actually understand it too well myself. Anyway, Dark throws another classic hissy fit (read: Insubordination), and so now White's officially leader. OOL's officially been formed on Battle.Net, and the clan's on it's way to becoming what it once was.

Anyway, it's 10:30 now, and I have marching band tomorrow morning (yes, the ultimate gayness), so farewell for now. I'll probably make more random guest updates in the future. Until then, I'll post on the forums and what not. Contacts are - AIM: Harabec05 / Email: If you use another messenger service (MSN / Y! / ICQ) tell me and I'll add you (I have an acct on 'em all lol).

~Harabec, former leader of the Order of Light

10:15 PM Monday, August 11, 2003 white (image by
Well, I'm sorry to say, that joyous day has been shattered by Dark's abrupt leaving of the clan. So far it means nothing, as he hasn't done much for the clan yet anyway... Except, he supposedly has recruited a level 16 player. Hopefully he will reconsider... for about the 7th time according to Ush. Some of Dark's friends are in the clan, and I don't really know what they have accomplished, because then they started telling me they hate me and will get their revenge (I'll just kick 'em later). However, do not worry, because this clan will not just fall on it's knees because of a supposed leader that has left before he was even in it. The Order of Light will always prevail over DARKness(silence hahah). As for leadership now, who knows, for now Ush and I will keep the clan running until we decide on a permanent, official leader. Side Note: Please check our public forums and take the Roll Call so that we can get your E-mail and instant messaging names - Thanks.

3:37 PM Friday, August 8, 2003 white (image by
Congratulations everybody! Tonight OoL aka the Order of Light was made an official clan on As Dark was not on, I am currently leader, until I am able to hand over leadership to Dark. Because my white-wolves account was in Clan WoL.... I made another account, name Fiskel so I may create the clan. I will leave WoL as soon as I can, which should be in a few days. In the meantime, work on your records, and feel free to have all of your friends come to our new channel Clan OoL, and recruit them if they so wish to be in the almighty OoL. The members that were online to help make OoL possible are as follows: Ushdui, me, Kalypso., as a stand-in only, agentblue88, talon, looo, fire-wolves, kai-wolves, discus, and 1337Turin. Thank you to you all for being there, and congratulations again. Added by Ushdui: I too feel great joy in this moment.

8:10 PM Wednesday, August 6, 2003 white-wolves (image by
Hey guys, just thought I'd let you all know what was going on, since I was messing around with the site anyway that today, after getting back from a vacation in Alaska that he forgot to tell us about, Harabec announced that Dark was to be leader of the clan, if he accepted only, of course, and I, white-wolves am to be co-leader. If any of you have comments or complaints or suggestions about this news, please do so in the forums. Thanks.

3:37 PM Tuesday, July 30th, 2003 Ushdui (image by
Been awhile since an update. Happy now, fruity kids? If you haven't been paying attention to the forums or anything, then you need to know that Hara has resigned his position as leader, due to being addicted to life. We are currently having a semi-debate on who's going to be the next leader, but most people seem to want Dark as the leader.