English Greek & Latin Stems

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April 18th: Website launched! Basic features available (random, descending through list, and number of correct and incorrect answers). Planned additions: Week by week quiz on vocab.

April 23rd: Added vocabulary list #9. Currently working on week by week quizzes. Expect update within a day or two (hopefully will get done before I leave for Corpus on a band trip on Thursday)!

April 29th: Added a display that tells you what week the stem is from. The list of weeks 1 - 5 are mixed up for me because of the key Mrs. Creighton gave me. Also, I'm missing various words from the weeks 1 - 5, because the key only had a list of 100 words (5 weeks * 25 words a week = 125 words). Anyway, if you're doing random and can't remember the stem, you can always refrence back to your sheet now (instead of leafing through all of your vocabulary sheets looking for that one stem).

Important Notes

Please do not edit any existing text within the text boxes. It will not impact the correct answer, but how will you know the answer without the question?

While I do realize that Mrs. Creighton is now accepting variations of the root stem defintion, this website does not. To get the correct answer you must put in the exact definiton as found on your vocabulary sheet. Also, all answers must be in lower case or your answer will be counted wrong. The only exception is the stem "ego," in which case your answer must be capitalized (hint: the defintion of "ego" is always capitalized in the English language when it is its own word).

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