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Note: The Orc's Peon image is applied to any person who has not yet exceeded 24 wins with any particular race. WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos

Pre-War3 B.Net Games
Diablo I Diablo II Diablo II: Lord of Destruction Starcraft Starcraft: Brood War Warcraft II: Battle.Net Edition
Grunt (25 wins) Tauren (250 wins) Farseer (500 wins) Thrall (1500 wins)
Footman (25 wins) Knight (250 wins) Archmage (500 wins) Medivh (1500 wins)
Night Elves
Archer (25 wins) Druid of the Claw (250 wins) Priestess of the Moon (500 wins) Furion Stormrage (1500 wins)
Ghoul (25 wins) Abomination (250 wins) Lich (500 wins) Tichondrius (1500 wins)
Green Dragon Whelp (25 wins) Blue Drake (250 wins) Red Dragon (500 wins) Deathwing (1500 wins)