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This page was last updated: Tuesday, 01-Oct-2002 21:29:40 EDT

News (image by

11:30 AM Monday, June 24th, 2002 Harabec (image by
I'm terribly sorry for the lack of main page news updates. There just wasn't a lot to put on here over the past month or so. I created the medals page and they are up and running. I'll be awarding members the medals they deserve soon (after this news update), so check out the members page! I'd also like to welcome Rune officially to the Order of Light. If you've been skipping the intro lately, check it out 'cause Rune's in there now!

8:16 AM Wednesday, May 8th, 2002 Harabec (image by
Read the forums about the meeting that Ivan has requested to respond if you can or cannot make it. Thanks!

9:08 PM Sunday, May 5th, 2002
Hara's smilies page is coming along nicely; they're fun to use. Anyway, blizzard has released a new video test for Warcraft III, which allows you to see if the game is going to work on your computer. You can get it here. Unfortunately for me, of course, it still doesn't work and won't initialize DirectX :(. Some good news: blizzard is planning on releasing a new patch for Diablo II (1.10) soon with a lot of changes.

8:25 AM Thursday, April 11th, 2002 Harabec (image by
Well, not much updates. Got my new comp working! Woohoo! I'll probably have Diablo II running by this afternoon. SC/BW are installed and working properly. As for updates on the website, I've been messing around too much with new comp to really do much with the website, and transferring files from my old computer to the new one. When I'm done transferring files I'll do some more updates. I did make an update in the Rules section, though I think most people missed it. Anyway I have to go, so cya!

9:18 PM Tuesday, April 9th, 2002
Not much going on lately... 'cept I got a test over that stupid 3 muskateers book tomorrow and an essay due friday. I just wanted to make a suggestion that maybe we should start recruiting some people. (??) I mean, 5 active members just isnt enough; there's hardly ever anyone on when I'm on. I guess Hara will decide if he wants to recruit or not but, anyway, I have another fun thing for you to do in your free time: Mini Golf My best score is a 29 that I just golfed, see if you can beat it. (It's NOT easy :) This is also my first news post of the new quarter- yay! Also, members, don't forget to check out the private forum as well as public; it's fun to post there.

6:20 PM Saturday, April 6th, 2002 Harabec (image by
TONS of updates on the History page! I spent about 3 or 4 hours getting a lot of that stuff on there, reading through 15 pages of old forum posts. So you guys better appreciate all this! To show you appreciation, go read the stuff and click the links and enjoy!

8:24 PM Friday, April 5th, 2002 Harabec (image by
Did quite a few things to the website. I played around with the colors on the scroll bar... I think it looks pretty cool. Also, I converted the stylesheets into JavaScript too (doing that to just about everything lately lol). It makes it so if I make changes such as the scroll bars, I don't have to edit each page to make the change - I just do it once and it applies it globally, which is a great feature. I also added the skins for my Tribe because they needed someone to host the files (the last host gave me, someone on a cable modem, 20 kb/sec, while Tripod gives me 200 kb/sec... hrm...). Anyway that's those are the skins for the Tribe I'm in... the skins and the pictures are located in the Files section.

I'm glad you all made it to the meeting... NOT! No one came - not a single soul. I called the people I knew - Psy's dad was playing on the comp so he couldn't get on... Canadian - Dunno where he was, I just couldn't get ahold of him. *Sigh* oh well. More time to work on the site I suppose.

My new computer came in yesterday! Woohoo! Unfortunately, my parents are out of town and specifically said not to hook it up if it came while they were out of town... *mumbles and grumbles* So I won't be able to hook it up until Sunday night, and even then it won't have internet access 'til we get around to buying a HUB.

I'm looking into a new message board system because although is pretty cool, you can't have multiple forums without having to create new accounts. I like having seperate forums for different things (like EZBoard but with less banners). Check the post in the forum for a link to their official website.

I encourage you all to get the WarCraft III Beta if you ever have the time to look for it. I try not to play it too much because I know not many in OOL have it, but it's very tempting and I often get bored of doing endless cow runs or playing SC/BW when I know WCIII Beta is just sitting on my comp begging me to double click the icon... but I want to play with you guys so I'll stick with SC/BW for a bit longer until some more get the .ISO. I'd send it to you but I don't have the high speed upload or something... basically even if you have an OC48 (faster than T1 & T3), you'd d/l it at 12 kb/sec, and it takes about an hour at 80 kb/sec.

I think I'll resume my work on the History page since I haven't touched it in awhile, and it'll give you guys a good read. So look for some updates there within the following days!

Also, if you have any images that you think would make good medal images, or have artistic talent and are interested in designing some, send 'em to me.

I'm working on the glitch right now with the Private Forums... for now, just don't click there - period. It'll mess the site up pretty bad.

8:23 PM Monday, April 2nd, 2002 Harabec (image by
Credited (even though in their guidelines for using their item generator this is not required) for creating many of the images found on this website with their item generator. Also, the 800x600 bug is fixed, though the 640x480 is unresolved (and I don't see a resolution coming anytime soon).

9:06 PM Monday, April 1st, 2002 Harabec (image by
I almost forgot!! DuH! There's 4 more music selections now (10 in all)! The music for #7 came from one of our enemies... Whoever can guess gets a piece of candy! And yes I'm still working on a fix for the 800x600- modes.

3:32 PM Monday, April 1st, 2002 Harabec (image by
Happy April Fools day everyone! Newest addition to the website: copyright information (found at the bottom). Since this is the 1st post of the new quarter, all the previous posts are now found in the 1st quarter (we're at the start of the 2nd quarter now! Woohoo!)