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This page was last updated: Monday, 28-Oct-2002 21:58:47 EST
Strategies (Image by FlamingText.Com)

This section of the website is devoted to strategies that have been proven to work and work well. It is a comprehensive section with build orders (what buildings / units / hero(es) to build at the very beginning of the game, which is the most crucial and is also a major game deciding factor). It also contains full strategies that show what units you should be trying to get, and how to get there. Keep in mind, however, the strategies found here are no substitute for experience. You must be able to adapt to the situation. If you get rushed while teching to something, don't complain. There's a counter to every strategy, so if your strategy is countered, then counter his. That's also a very important factor when choosing a strategy - does it effectively counter your opponents? Mass hunts doesn't do so well against Knights, Gryphons, Priests with Inner Fire and Sorceresses with slow.

To submit a strategy, either send it to Harabec with replay(s) and screenshot(s) attatched. The email subject should be along the lines of: WC3 - Human Strat. Or, if you're a nice person and want to give me less email to file through, then post your strategy in the forum (following the same subject guidelines as the email subject). Please make sure your strategy is a valid strategy! I don't want any "How to Rush with Acolytes" strategies - only real submissions please! It doesn't have to be the best ever, but at least make sure it's a decent strategy! Also, when submitting multiple replays, try and get them vs different races!

Patch Author Replay(s) Details
Mass Creep + Fast Expand + Teching
1.02 Harabec Against UD Against HMN Against ORC
12-Man FFA

The details of this strategy is very basic. The goal is to creep a ton to get your Archmage to level 6 as soon as possible. Also, once you're near level 6 (usually 3+) you should have a Mountain King to leech off your Archmage's Brilliance aura. Brilliance aura basically allows your MK to have just about an infinite number of Storm Bolts (stuns enemy for short duration and does very nice damage) and Thunder Claps (great AoE damage dealing skill, also slows enemies down for a short duration).

You should start off getting a Barracks and Altar, and begin queing peons (so 3 peons on gold, 1 on altar, and 1 on barracks at beginning). Waypoint your Townhall to gold mine. Build a farm with the 2nd peon that comes out of your townhall. Continue getting peons until you have 9/12 food. Also, don't put more than 5 peons on a gold mine, as it doesn't give you any faster of an income.

Once your Altar is complete, get an Archmage and put any peons that are done building stuff on wood. Begin building footmen as well. Once you get 20 wood, build another farm (you'll need it because you'll be at 18/18 food with 2 footmen + hero & peasants). Once you have about 3 footmen, begin creeping like mad. Continue pumping out footmen. Once you get around 30/30 food, upgrade your townhall (you can do this earlier if you have the resources, but usually I find I'm low on wood until this point - gold is never a concern if you creep efficiently). Get a blacksmith as well so you can begin upgrading your footmen. If the creeps have a lot of ranged units, get defend to keep your footmen alive much longer.

Once your townhall has upgraded, get your Mt. King and begin getting an Arcane Sanctum. Once those are complete, it's really up to you on where to go. If you're facing Night Elves, get Sorceresses! If you're facing Undead, get Priests w/ dispel (just research Adept Training for it). Dispel = bye bye skeletons (good example in replay against UD). If you're facing Orcs, you're really going to want a combo early on (slow on grunts and dispel BL if he fast teched to it).

Ultimate goal: Knights, Priests, Sorcs, 2 level 6+ heros and Mortar Teams/Steam Tanks (3 Steam tanks can decimate a base - just create a diversion at his expansion and have your steam tanks wreck his main base! His forces will be split and confused)!

Steam Tank Rush
1.03 Harabec Against HMN

The idea of this is to get steam tanks as quickly as possible and hit your opponent with them. It's very funny because usually when you win, your opponent as a better score than you!

Anyway, the idea is that you want to get 11 peasants and an Archmage along with some towers (2 - 4 based on your opponent). DO NOT GET A BARRACKS! This is a building you'll skip. Your first point for your archmage should be in WE if facing UD / NE or Blizz if fighting Orc / HMN. You want to rush into his base the second your hero is out and harrass his workers. Put him in a enonomic slut. Back at your base you should be teching for Steam Tanks as fast as possible. Repeat harrassments until you have 8 steam tanks (you should be @ 40 / 42 food if you did it right, so you're not in upkeep yet).

If you played your cards right, your opponent is afraid to attack you (which is good) and creeps instead. So when you hit his base he's not prepared at all. Also, you should have 8 steam tanks around mid-day of the 2nd day. At the latest @ dusk of 2nd day. Hit his base and win the game. If he plays hide the farm and attacks your base, do the same. Hide the Farm is a very viable strategy for this, because his army won't be able to hurt your steam tanks very much, but you can't even attack his. So whoever finds the farm 1st wins. To aid you in your search, get gyrocopters and gyro bombs and scout the map 'til you've found it. Also, when you were teching, you should have been upgrading as well.

Please watch the replay for a much better description of what I'm trying to express. Try and copy the build order, except be more efficient than me and you will win. The only risk you take when doing this is if he is aggressive early on. This is why the AM harrassment is so crucial - to keep him at his base most of the time to stop your ArchMage. Enjoy!

Credit given to MFO's Website, which is where I first found this.

Patch Author Replay(s) Details
No strategies yet (will be filled soon! Stay tuned!)

Patch Author Replay(s) Details
Magic Immune and Death
1.03 JakeHunter vs2 This strategy works off the new concepts Blizzard introduced in the 1.03 Patch. It's certainly not undefeatable, but it works great as a surprise tactic (if your opponent doesn't scout you well that is). What you want to do is choose your Lich for your first hero (because Frost Nova just owns) and build up your ghouls like any normal build. Then creep, etc etc. Get Tier 2 as soon as you can and get a DeathKnight once that is completed (for faster healing regen and for the healing bonus). Once you have that, expand and get a Temple of the Damned and begin researching the upgrade for Banshees. Build a sacrifical pit and scout out your opponent(s) with shade(s). Get Tier 3 once expansion is finished and keep pumping some ghouls out. Don't upgrade your ghouls - upgrade your Creature Attack and Creature Carapace. Once you're at Tier 3, begin pumping out gargoyles, and build 2 Boneyards to pump out Frost Wyrms. Also upgrade your Banshees to Master Ranking so they have more mana. TURN OFF AUTO-CAST CURSE! By the time you have 2 - 3 frost wyrms you should also have maybe 4 - 5 banshees and near 12 gargoyles and about 12 ghouls, and of course your 2 heros (hopefully around levels 3 - 5+). Make sure you have full upgrades for your air guys. Then attack and cast Anti-Magic Shell (AMS) on your Frost Wyrms and Gargoyles and heros to keep them from being polymorphed/slowed/purged/etc. The new AMS in 1.03 makes it so that it CAN NOT BE DISPELLED. This makes Frost Wyrms very powerful, and combined with the new powerful Gargoyles... You have a force to be reckoned with. What's the point of the DK then if he can't heal your guys (AMS = Double-Edged sword). The answer is that you heal them after battle, once the AMS has worn off. Be sure and target the anti-air forces first, then go and kill their 3rd tier melee.

Strategy Patch Author Replay(s) Details
Hero Rush + Huntress Rush
1.02 JakeHunter 6-FFA

The most common strategy on all of Battle.Net is the huntress rush, with an early hero rush in the beginning. The 2 most common heros to use are the Demon Hunter (run in base and mana burn the hero) or Keeper of the Grove (entangle workers mining gold). They both annoy the enemy enough for them to become distracted a little and slow down any creeping they were going to do.

You begin by building an Altar, and making the next wisp that comes out a moon well (rest go on gold 'til full). Then you get 10/10 food of wisps and put any not on gold on wood. Once you get 100 wood you make a huntress hall. Soon after that you make an ancient of war. Then you start pumping out huntresses, building moon wells, and creeping easy creeps like mad (level 1 - 4 creeps die so fast to hunts you probably won't even have to run back to base to heal, but in the case that a hunt gets damaged, run it back to your base for a quick heal). You may want to get a 2nd AoW, but that's up to you. Once you have about 5 - 6 huntresses, attack the enemy, and usually it's good game, game over. In the case you're dying, tp out, heal, and attack again, bringing in more reinforcements. If your opponent is turtling, play the contain game, creeping the map and leveling your hero. Upgrade your tree of life and get 2 ballista, and then waste your helpless opponent.

Ancient of War Rush
1.02 JakeHunter 6-FFA

This strategy is an interesting and yet very gay strategy that may need some looking into. Basically you get a huge army that costs 0 food, with 1000 hitpoints and 7 fortified armor and does 45 - 55 damage per attack. What am I talking about? There's nothing in the game that does that, especially early on that could rush an opponent! Oh, but on the contary, there is! It's known as an Ancient of War, which is usually used to pump out the overpowered huntresses. However, in this scenario do this: Build an altar, moonwell, and then pump out wisps and begin making about 3 ancient of wars at at time. When those finish, make 3 more, making more wisps to replace the ones making the ancients. These huge buildings obviously won't be going anywhere fast, but if you upgrade your tree and get Natures Blessing that's an extra 5 armor (making 7 total) and making them faster, allowing them to devastate an opponent quickly. I've read another variation of this except instead of AoW you build AoP. Both are viable, but I think AoW is more so because they cost less wood than an AoP (which is what NE is usually always lacking). It is exactly as gay as it sounds. The worst part is that it's even harder for an opponent to stop it, because they keep coming in waves and will eventually overwhelm the opponent.

Hide the Farm
1.02 JakeHunter 6-FFA

Every race has some way to do this (except Undead, because they need to build on the blight, so in this regard they're kind of screwed). However, Night Elves don't have workers that can attack to kill trees. They do, however, have ancients that can eat trees. A tactic often seen is when an NE player is trying to avoid being finished off is to build ancients around the map and eat trees until the building is buried in a far off corner. In the FFA replay, DarkAssassin demonstrates this very well, with some of the best "base hiding" tactics I've seen. WARNING: THIS IS A LAST DITCH, HOPE THE OPPONENT GETS DISCONNECTED/HAS TO LEAVE STRATEGY! DO NOT USE THIS AS YOUR MAIN STRATEGY, AS YOU'RE NEARLY GURANTEED TO LOSE! (note: I might try this on another account, but you might want to try and hide your very first building and say that you started with nothing, and it's some f*cked up bug. If you hide your tree well enough, your opponent might believe you, considering even if they scout they won't find anything [you'll have to hide your wisps too]. If anyone is interested in trying this as a beginning strategy, tell me how it goes!).

Mass DotT + Chimera
1.02 JakeHunter 6-FFA

Another strategy that is growing popularity amongst the masses of Battle.Net is the mass DotT + Chimera strategy. The idea behind it is that Chimera can completely own ground attacks because of their high damage. However, Blizzard compensated for this by giving them absoulutely 0 anti-air abilities, leaving them vunerable. However, Night Elves come with the best anti air known as Druids of the Talon (or DotT). So people began putting 2 and 2 togther and realized that this was a very viable strategy. The goal is to tech up while getting some base units like huntresses to creep with, but not enough to hinder your food supply. Hero is your choice, though PoTM is a good asset for a 1st / 2nd hero because of her trueshot aura (adds a ton of damage to the air units, I believe +28 to each Chim when they're fully upgraded). The Demon Hunter is of course a good choice, just because of his abilities. KoTG may be a decent choice for his summonables to protect him on the ground, but his overall abilities may be found lacking. Once the opponent sees you doing this, however, expect some heavy ground - air resistance (any air-air will get owned too fast to be of any use). I beat Soul's mass chim + DotT in the 6-FFA replay with 2 groups of archers + a few dryads, and with mimimal losses.