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Ranking System (Image by

The ranks are your status within the clan. A higher rank has authority over any given lower rank. Now a higher rank can't make you go jump off a cliff, make you give them your password, or anything of that nature, but they are permitted to make reasonable requests (mainly requests to stop breaking a rule if you're breaking one). Higher ranks are also responsible for making any new members to the clan feel at home. Don't give anyone a hard time.

Please take note that you do not need to attend your duties 100% of the time you are on Battle.Net. Feel free to relax, play, etc. However, should you neglect all responsibilites all the time, you will be demoted to a rank that satisfies the Elder Council.

*Time: Indicates the length of time you have been in this clan before you can achieve this rank.

Rank Level Amount Time* Responsiblites
Leader 6 1 --- Just about everything within the clan. Running meetings, keeping the clan in order, and making sure everyone is "happy". The Leader is head of the Elder Council, but is not a dictator of it.
Elder Council 6 Unlimited 1 year The Elder Council rules over the normal council. The Elder Council is ONLY composed up of members that have served for a year or more in the clan. The Elder Council position is the highest any member can possibly obtain. The Leader is head of the Elder Council, but is not a dictator of it.
Webmaster 5 3 - 4 6 months Running the website, along with all the responsibilites of a Council Member (webmaster is automatically accepted into Council position - they do not count as the total amount of Council Members listed below). The webmaster must also make regular updates on the website (this will be easier when there are more webmasters).
Council Member 5 7 - 10 6 months Policing (making sure people are following rules), recruiting, and showing the new guys around.
Holy Knight 4 10 - 13 3 months A Holy Knight is a person who has proven their dedication to the clan. As a holy knight, you are in the in-between position of a knight and a council member. Your main responsibility is recruiting new members.
Knight 3 Unlimited 1 month A Knight is when you may first try out for OSF. A knight is responsible for undertaking squires and training them in both the game and the ways of the clan.
Squire 2 Unlimited 1 week A squire is the in between of a peon and a knight. You a basically a knight in training - the most likely reason you are not a knight yet is because we must test your dedication, so you must remain at this position until you have been in the clan for at least a month.
Peon 1 Unlimited --- A peon is someone who has just recently joined. You will be promoted to a squire within a few days (as long as you are active during these few days).