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Hall of Dishonor (Image by

These are members of the Order of Light who have either brought dishonor to the clan or themselves. Over the many years the Order of Light has been around, very few have ever brought much destruction to this clan. However, there are those people out there who have this need to rebel (mostly troubled teenagers who were brought up wrong). Anyway, here are the people of have either dishonored themselves or the entire clan.
Name Time Period Description
SirLone Oct. '99 The first to ever make this list. SirLone broke away from the Order of Light when Omega himself declared it to be dead (Omega later denies this). SirLone forms KoL (Kingdom of Light), taking several loyal OOL members with him. This is not what qualified him for this list, however. After basically telling several OOL members that he could solve the internal struggle problems, he disappeared for 2 weeks. Many KoL members were enraged and left immediately and formed ]V[|{ (MK - Milennium Knights). This small clan soon merged with the rebuilt OOL. This happened over about the period of a month.
Delta 2001(?) Delta pulled the stupidest thing ever in the history of the Order of Light. He was unhappy with the clan because Omega (the current leader) had not been active in a few days. So he formed a clan known as HoL (Holy Order of Light), and after riling up nearly every member that heard his deceiving words, persuaded nearly all of OOL to join his small clan. About 2 - 3 hours later, many actually used their brains and realized how completely stupid this was and left HoL and realigned themselves with the Order of Light. Delta, however, did not come back, and stayed with his HoL, which fell within 3 days (see the quotes page and look under Delta's section - even he admits it didn't last long). His intentions were wrong, and his leadership was even worse.
CerealKillah (Shin) Early 2001 Shin was once an honorable member of the Order of Light. When Omega had to take an extended leave of absence, he left Severian420 in charge, who then left DeathKnight in charge. DK was a poor leader, but he had his loyal followers, such as Shin and a few others. I (Harabec) was trying to be a good webmaster and gave DK administrator status on the forums. However, he began deleting posts he found "offensive" to him (if they spoke out against him or disagreed with him, it was "offensive"). I was outraged, because I (Harabec) enjoy keeping an up-to-date documentation on this clan! I stripped him of his adminstrator access that I had given to him out of generosity, and he immediately threatens me (and receives support from his loyal subjects). I basically tell him off, saying that I can't trust him with those powers on my forum (I had it registered under my name). He is completely outraged and goes to form a new forum and a new webpage. I didn't care because I had many more followers than him (I had been around for 2 more years than he had). Omega finally comes back from his leave of abscense, and there is immediate conflict. For some reason, DK, Shin, and others believed Sev was now the rightful leader. DK and Shin lead a large size of OOL to a new clan, known as House of Khaavren (HoK). However, Shin made a very dishonorable move that will shame his name forever. He allied himself with the Circle of Blood (CoB) and got them to attack us (they weren't our enemies, but we were kind of neutral hostile). With this new internal struggle, we didn't stand any chance at fighting a warring clan like CoB. So Shin was trying to destroy what was left of OOL, disgracing himself. I still have the screenshots of Shin admitting he allied himself with CoB to try and bring OOL down. It's funny how no one has ever succeeded.
Omega 2001 Omega was once the greatest leader on probably all of He knew how to lead a clan, and he made it fun to be in. We had quests, tournaments, many in clan activities, and a large group of members who grew to be very close friends over the internet. However, over a period of time, Omega became corrupt. The first signs is just before Diablo II is released, when he wishes to turn OOL into a market, where we have to buy maps! from each other, and recruiting is the only way to get moved up. That and "store points" (points awarded for buying / selling maps). After Count left OOL, I suggested that I run the website because it was senseless in having a non-OOL member run the website. I was granted permission and began working on it. I completed it and all was good. About December of 2000 Omega wanted to run the website again. I had been running it for a year, so I was very reluctant (I had put a LOT of hard work into it!) So we had a poll on the forums to see which site was better. There were rules to voting, but at least half didn't follow these rules. Even counting the votes that didn't follow the rules I still won, but Omega, being the corrupt leader he was becoming, declared himself the winner. This angered me and several other members, and the many refused to use his website. About early - mid 2001 Omega left again, came back, left again, came back, left again... and didn't come back. After a few months without a leader, and a nearly dead clan, I (Harabec) decided to rebuild what was once a glorious empire. When my hard work was beginning to pay off, Omega came back again, but not to claim himself as leader, but rather to say that ressurecting OOL was the stupidest idea he had ever heard. Obviously I was a bit... how shall we say, angered. You can see our discussion in the Old EZBoard Forum (check the history page). Omega has been seen again on a few occassions, and yes he does own WarCraft III. His account is Yorimitsu, and surprisingly enough his record is worst than Ushdui's!
Members that were kicked due to MIA status
Rank Account Name(s) Nick When Joined AIM Games
MIA (Elder
Medal of Service
Apoc-OOL Apoc March
(Inactive)Medal of Service
Magez March
Medal of Service

OSF Member
Bobo2003 Bobo Release of Diablo I Unknown
(Inactive)Medal of Service
Matt November
Holy Knight

Medal of DurabilityMedal of SacrificeD2 Medal of Skill

ecantonae Ecan July
Peon* MaverickPLM Maverick October
Peon* Maximus21 Maximus October
Peon* AngryArsenist
Arsenist November