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History (Image by

This page is under heavy construction!!!


The Order of Light is probably one of the oldest surviving clans on all of Battle.Net. We've been around for about 4 years now, ever since the old Diablo I days. The clan itself has gone under several changes throughout these years, and several events have taken place over the course of this time. I, Harabec, was only around for 3 of those years, so I can not say what came before my time. However, some of our older members may remember something that I never encountered.

Alas, my memory fades over time, and I can not recall everything that took place. However, I do have sources to look back to, such as Count's old forum and our older forum. If you find any mistakes I've put on here, please post it on the forums or email me so I can make the needed changes. I want this to be as accurate as possible. Thanks!!!

The Order of Light is formed   Back to top
Unfortunately, I don't know much about this event. I do know that it occured about a year before I joined, so I'm guessing around 1998 of August. I do know that it was founded by Lord_Omega{OOL} and was originally started as strictly a Diablo I guild (which later expanded from Diablo I into StarCraft and BroodWar, but never abandoning Diablo I until Diablo II was released).

August 1999   Back to top
The only important event I can remember anywhere near here is that I joined the guild (which was the most important thing ever!!). I was known as DarkMage back in those days. Also, my recruiter left a few days later to join another clan. Over the next few months I do remember that our ranks grew quite a bit.

October 1999   Back to top
SirLone~OOL defects from OOL because Omega officially claimed OOL to be dead (he later denies it, but I was there in person when he stated it in the channel). So SirLone forms a new guild: KoL (Kingdom of Light). He recruits several OOL members because OOL is considered dead (especially with Omega's proclamation, dashing most hopes). Members recruited included Harabec (known as DarkMage back then), Steph, Trooper, and Rip. However, SirLone was a horrible leader. He got on maybe once every 2 weeks. So after the first 2 weeks most of us were fed up and formed ]V[|{ (MK - Milennium Knights). There were 4 leaders: DarkMage, Trooper, Steph, and Rip. There were other members of course, but their names don't stick out in my mind, and I am unable to recall any. I ran the website (which was horrible compared to this one because I had just started learning HTML). Steph and Rip agreed for ]V[|{ to merge with OOL without Trooper or DarkMage's consent. However, I'm glad that we did merge with OOL (even if it meant taking orders from Omega again).

November 1999   Back to top
Ushdui joins our ranks, and never leaves them. To this day he's the longest lasting OOL member who's never left the guild. He's been active for the most part almost always, though a bit insane at times. He's matured a lot since when he first joined (see quotes page).

December 1999   Back to top
On December 8th of 1999, our first encounter with our everlasting enemy CoB came into place. It seems Ninja (CoB's leader) came into an OOL private game and started PKing Ushdui. A few days later they took hold of our channel and began to ban all members of OOL from the channel. So this was our first encounter with CoB, but unfortunately not our last.

Lord~Guilt~OOL leaves in a very... verbal manner. During a meeting on Wednesday, December 22nd, 1999, he interrupted Omega with a long sentence full of insults and then left immediately afterwards and joined CoB, our long time enemy. He changed his name to Doom. For the full log of this meeting (the only meeting I ever logged with a bot), simply click here. Note that the [sent] is where I'm talking on my bot (TheLight~Bot).

January - March 2000   Back to top
Not much that I remember. Falcon joined in March, and is still around to this date. Count became the official webmaster (before Omega was). It was decently constructed, but never as good as mine (opinion of Harabec).

On March 27th, 2000, Green was awarded the Medal of Honor because he saved Omega's and Tick's stuff. Exact quote of what happened according to Omega can be found here.

I (DarkMage/Harabec) went undercover as DarkPhoenix (better known as ][)arkPhoenix) for kicks because I had to reinstall B.Net for Diablo I, and when I did it gave me a new account # (these don't exist anymore, so if you've only been on B.Net since the D2 days you wouldn't know what these are). I believe this actually ocurred in March, because I disappeared from OOL for about a month before I rejoined under a new account. Anyway, basically it made it so bots identified me as a new user and it couldn't link to other accounts that I owned. So I was going to have some fun since I could. Unfortunately, somewhere along the line I accidentally leaked my true identity to Delta. Very sad, but if you ever read any of the old posts and see Delta refer to me as "Hairy man," it's because he's teasing me that he knows I'm "Hara."

April 2000   Back to top
Living proof that Ushdui was indeed insane back in the day can be found here.

A few recruits here and there... Nothing life changing by any means.

May 2000   Back to top
My first post as DarkPhoenix can be found here.

The first real sighting of a quarrel between Count and Delta (who to this day are still mortal enemies and can not stand each other) is found here.

Also, Count compliments me on my lecturing abilities... Basically Count was pretty much out of line and I was telling him to straighten up (even though he was 2nd in command and I was like a squire). Post is found here

And because of this quarreling between Delta and Count, Delta and Count leave OOL. Evidence found here and here.

June 2000   Back to top
Delta forms "HoL" (Holy Order of Light) in rebellion against OOL. Basically a repeat of SirLone, but since he wasn't here for that (joined in Dec 1999, SirLone was Oct 1999), he refused any advice I offered him. He believed it would all work out. Unforutnately, even though I was the only loyal OOL member that heard about HOL when it was first formed and that stuck with OOL and never joined HOL, every other OOL member that was on at the time did (including Count, Mavis, and various other high ranking members). They all came back after an hour of listening to Delta's complete bull crap except his few fanatic followers. I would like to proudly boast that Falcon never joined HOL either, as he was not on when it was formed, and when he got wind of it he immediately did what I did; he dismissed it was complete crap that would fail within days. Reference to a good post that discusses all of this can be found here and here.

Ush wasn't always bright back in the day... this here proves it.

I make some subtle hints as to who I really am here, but no one seems to pick up on them. BTW the hint I'm referring to is "but I will have my name yet...just you wait... "

Omega's dumbest idea to date was his new structure in which he changed OOL from a fun guild/clan into a day & night job with "credit" for a Diablo II store. Pretty f*cking gay (sorry for profound language but I couldn't help it).

An actual post that recaps a lot of OOL's really older historical parts. The thread is actually a very good read, especailly Omega's post about the earliest parts of OOL's history.

Yes, a lot did happen during this month. Count suddenly bans me for no good reason and takes forever to unban me. The whole epidemic can be found here.

Diablo II is released!!

July 2000   Back to top
I reveal myself as Harabec when I get Diablo II. My first post as Harabec found here.

And off to this side we see the legendary jackass Delta... No, Falcon isn't insulting me, he's mocking this retard that tried to duplicate my name and just be a pain in the ass (aka Delta's long lost twin). BTW I'm DarkPhoenix7, the "imposter" is DarkPhoenix. No, I'm not intentionally insulting Delta, I'm just repeating his own words.

August 2000   Back to top
Carbon writes a really long article in Count's forum. A funny quote that mocks Omega's last excuse to leave (which Carbon appeared to believe) can be found here. If you're too lazy to go there, it reads: "Omega, whats with this returning buisness, was this planned and I was not informed or what. Were you finding out the spies again??"

September 2000   Back to top
On September 1st, 2000, Falcon makes the Dead Forum Declaration on Count's forum, redirecting them all to the true forum (at the time).

---End of source from Count's Old OOL Forum---

Time Period Break   Back to top
I'm terribly sorry for the inconvience, but it appears the sources I was using to document the history of this clan have disappeared due to cleaning of several forum servers. So anything that occurred between the last entry and the next entry has been lost. I'm sorry for any inconvience this has caused you.

April 2003   Back to top
It was around this time I started losing interest in War3 and just gaming in general. Because of this lack of interest, I began to stop attending meetings and maintaining the clan, and it began to slowly deteriorate.

July 2003   Back to top
It was at this time that I fully realized how inactive I had become, and how bad of a shape the clan really was in. So I tried to pass the leadership on to Dark47Assassin, but conflicts within the clan arose and so he left within days after this. So I thus passed the leadership onto White-Wolves and left OOL to its new leader.

November 2003   Back to top
November 11: Over the course of time it was proven that there was severe discontent within the clan about several issues, and having a revived interest in gaming, I decided to return. One on the most prominent issues was a new clan known as OoD (Order of Darkness), a clan made completely out of spite of White. It was lead by Mack, a former friend of mine and contained several members of OOL, most of whom I did not know (but some I recognized, such a Cuban). Mack agreed to disband the clan and return to OOL under the condition that him and his friend Fro were made shamen (and that I would be the leader). At this point, the outcome of all of this remains uncertain.