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This page was last updated: Thursday, 10-Apr-2003 22:07:15 EDT
Rules (Image by

I want this guild to be just like it was back in the good ol' days. No real harsh rules, restrictions, etc. Just get on, socialize, and have fun. That and come to meetings, so we can decide what's best for the clan and all its members. I believe that these are all reasonable requests.

The games we currently support: Diablo II, StarCraft: BroodWar, and now...the great WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos!! We will also be supporting World of WarCraft when it is released, but that release is a long way off (we're looking at a couple of years here).

If you are interested in joining the Order of Light (OOL), then you must agree to the rules below. These are the only requirements to gain access to this clan - no skill tests, no quizzes, nothing. Why? Because this clan is meant to be a fun clan that plays for the purpose of the game: fun and enjoyment. This is not meant to be an after school job or a night job. This clan's sole purpose is for the gathering of several individuals on a network we know as Battle.Net to join together, converse, and enjoy the Blizzard games.

General Clan Rules
  1. Refrain from strong language
  2. Show respect to your fellow members and allies
  3. Attend meetings (required to make at least 3 a month, unless I'm notified in advance). Meetings are from 7:30 Centeral Standard Time on Friday nights and 12:00 (noon) on Saturdays.
  4. Don't say we'll ally with someone if you haven't first talked to us about it
  5. Don't go around making enemies for us
  6. Get on at least once a week
  7. Treat allies with the same respect you treat your fellow members
  8. You may only be in one clan / guild at a time. So if you're in this clan you may not be in another.
  9. Post on the forums when you're not playing. The forum is a great way to convey information to all of the guild, because not everyone will be on at the same time you are.
  10. Our channel is "Clan OrderofLight-" - when we're not owning in a game, you'll find us here. You are encouraged to download a bot to remain in the channel while you are in a game (requirement for elder council).

Diablo II

WarCraft III

Order of Light: Shock Force
  1. Members may be challenged once a week by another member who is ranked knight or higher. Challengers may only challenge once a week, and may not challenge the same person two weeks in a row.
  2. OSF Members are required to attend all meetings unless I am otherwise notified in advance.
  3. You must be ranked knight or higher to be in OSF. If you are demoted to lower than a knight, then you must resign OSF until you regain your position in the clan.
  4. There will only be 6 - 8 members in OSF, so opposition will be fierce. You are required to respond to every challenge that you receive (maximum of one challenge per week).
  5. If you lose the challenge, you will resign your position to the challenger. You may challenge the following week, but you may not challenge the person who has just aquired your position until 2 weeks following the challenge you lost.