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Medals (Image by

The following are the medals that are bestowed upon those that are worthy of receiving them. By each medal is a description of the deeds needed to receive the medal and the medal's name. There are a total of 12 medals, and any member can receive them all
Medal Name Description
Medal of Durability Medal of Durability This medal is awarded to any member who has served in the clan above the rank of peon for at least 2 months.
Medal of Service Medal of Service This Medal is bestowed upon those that have been with this clan for at least a year OR upon a person who has survived a war with us. (Note: While the requirement to be eligible for Elder Council is 1 year, those who are found incapable will not be put on the Elder Council).
Elite Medal of Hellfire Medal of Identity Awarded to any member who receives over 5 icons on Warcraft III TFT.
Elite Medal of Conquest Medal of Valor Given to members who win at least three clan tournaments.
Strategic Medal of the Elite Strategic Medal of the Elite Medal is awarded to any person who successfully gets on the WarCraft III Individual Ladder (screenshot of proof required if not current - take a screenshot of your profile). Also awarded to any person who has achieved the highest possible icon (1500 wins).
Elite Team Medal Elite Team Medal Medal is awarded to any group of people who get on either the 2v2 Ladder, the 3v3 Ladder, or 4v4 Ladder (all must me members of OoL).
Medal of Skill Medal of Skill Medal that is given to the best WarCraft III Player in the clan (so 2 of these medals should be out at nearly all times).
Medal of Team Skill Medal of Team Skill Medal that is given out to the best TEAM WarCraft III players (max 2 per team).
Medal of Spy Medal of the Spy Medal awarded to a member who is ORDERED to spy on an enemy guild and returns with vital information OR manages to steal an enemy member's account.
Medal of Sacrifice Medal of Sacrifice This medal is awarded to any member who sacrifices his/her time to help another member of the clan, such as playing an AT game with a bad ladder player.
Creator's Medal of Perfection Creator's Medal of Perfection This medal is bestowed upon the person who creates the best map [according to the vote of the entire clan - NO BRIBES! Bribe attempts will result in automatic disqualification!] (War3 only)
Omniscient Medal Omniscient Medal This medal is awarded  to any person who gets 100 wins with every race (LADDER), not counting Random (War3).