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This page was last updated: Saturday, 16-Aug-2003 16:57:27 EDT

News (image by

8:27 PM Tuesday, May 13th, 2003 Harabec (image by
Hey, I'm not going to be able to run the meeting this Friday, so Ush or Assassin it's up to you! OSF Challenges will proceed as normal. I'll be at the back-up Saturday one (noon Central time) if you guys want to come to that. Oh yea, last meeting Play was promoted to Knight and Soul was promoted to Holy Knight - congratulations to you both!

7:27 PM Monday, April 21st, 2003 Harabec (image by
Hey, get this! I got into a Beta tournament! Here are the stats of my first opponent, Za.Fake - if you take a look, you might understand why I never stood a chance. But I think it's great that he creamed me - true it's probably because he knew the Beta strategies much better than I did, and I might've stood a chance in Classic, but I doubt it. For the first time ever I actually encountered a real opponent! Anyway back to the tournament - expect more updates soon!

Well I dropped out after that first match - more pressing issues arose. Needless to say I don't think I would have made much progress, but it was fun getting whooped by Za.Fake!

Update: Za.Fake placed 2nd in the entire tournament (!!) Link here !

9:32 PM Tuesday, April 15th, 2003 Harabec (image by
A very large change has been made to the OSF system. The current tryout system that is in place was only temporary, until we gained a small member base. As I'm sure you all know after reading the OSF information, OSF was never intended to be a large group. Seeing as how Blizzard allows only a maximum of 4 people in Arranged Team, there's no point in going far above that maximum. OSF's maximum number of members, 6, has been reached. So, instead of trying out for OSF like in the past, from this point forward you will challenge a current member of OSF. All challenges will be held at the meetings on Friday! If the member of OSF fails to attend, your challenge will be postponed until next week. If they do not show next week as well then they lose their position and you gain it. If you, the challenger, fail to attend, then the challenge is dismissed. Assuming both people attend, the challenger and OSF member will face off. The victor will gains the OSF position, and the loser loses it (if he once held it). POST CHALLENGES TO THE FORUM IF YOU WISH TO CHALLENGE! All information regarding challenges can also be found on the OSF Member's Page and in the Rules section under OSF.

8:57 PM Thursday, April 10th, 2003 Harabec (image by
2 new members have joined the Order of Light: StarFox420 (joined last week, just now adding him) and ElfOfNightmares! Be sure and welcome both of them to the clan, and don't forget about the meeting tomorrow at 7:30 Centeral (-6 GMT) in the channel (Clan OrderofLight- ) !