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This page was last updated: Tuesday, 01-Oct-2002 21:30:29 EDT

News (image by

6:01 PM Wednesday, September 25th, 2002 Harabec (image by
My apologies for the lack of main page updates. There really hasn't been a whole lot to update on! However, I figured I would make a few announcements since it looks odd that this page was updated 4 days ago and the last announcement was over a month ago.

The meetings have been moved to Saturdays since I have football games to attend to every Friday night for the next 10 or so weeks. However, this week's meeting will be on Friday, because it's an off day for our football team. So it will be like normal, at 7:30 PM Centeral in channel Hall of Light. There is a poll in the forum to decide on the meeting times for Saturday.

Dark has made OSF, so Team 1 will consist of Bobo, Psy, and Dark (still room for one more). I will not officially be apart of any team, but be more of an overseer and trainer (I'm no master by any means, and I'm sure we will get members that will be better than me). Also, once we have at least 2 teams in OSF, tournaments will be much more common.

My exchange partner left yesterday, which was both a happy and sad moment (I was happy I had my life to do with whatever I wanted to, and not be a tour guide anymore, but it was also sad to see her leave).

Before my exchange partner came, I had seen someone recruiting in the Human Castle channel for a clan called [EK] - Elysium Knights. This brought a few things to mind. First off they have very active WarCraft III members, and require a trial to join. This is something I thought we might do, because they have proved it works, and we do need some more active members (not to say we don't have a lot, but we're somewhat split over SC/D2/WC3). Also, [EK]'s purpose is much like ours - to simply get on and have fun. So I thought there might be a possible alliance between the 2 clans.

I am going to be getting a Strategy section up and running soon, where people will be able to submit strategies! If possible, please include some screenshots and Replays of the strategy in action! Yes replays is plural because 1 replay might just prove it works against a newbie. Anyway, I will be posting what strategies I know slowly but surely, so bare with me!

Something else that was brought to my attention is that there are not enough main page updates. However, what irritated me most was that this was brought to my attention by a webmaster! If an update needs to be posted, post it! Ushdui, you haven't posted anything since about March if I remember correctly! Lazer posts some, but even if it's nothing too incredibly pressing he posts it. I know I don't post a lot as well, and I'm trying to fix it. But Ushdui, if you're going to complain about there being a lack of announcements, make some (I am aware that you were talking about the new meeting time that you didn't know about, but you could still make some more updates)!

12:55 AM Saturday, August 17th, 2002 Harabec (image by
What on Earth am I doing up at nearly 1:00 AM? Getting this website's new layout up and running that's what! Yes, as if you people hadn't already noticed, the new layout is now up and running and should hopefully work for everyone!

In other news, Burn was promoted to Squire this week for being the only peon that attended the meeting today (and for being active and always giving his best in games). Ecantonae was promoted to Holy Knight as of last week's meeting, though I have not seen him much this week. Also, school started for me on the 12th of August, so as you can imagine weekdays are limited severly for me. Also, OSF is now officially formed. Check out the link in Members. I have yet to devise the ranking system for it, though I imagine I will have them formed within a few days. My last news bite today is that with a new layout comes a new music selection that should be familiar to you all - Music #11, also known as the Intro Music! I will be adding more music possibly in the very near future, so as always stay tuned! Harabec out!

8:07 AM Wednesday, July 17th, 2002
Well, now that everyone has bought Warcraft 3, I'd like to point out the extent of Warcraft 3 piracy. Think only the beta was cracked and put up for download? You thought wrong. Click HERE for a little artical about it. The game was hacked weeks before it even came out. Sad, really...

1:53 PM Wednesday, July 3rd, 2002 Harabec (image by
Well WarCraft III was officially released today and I got my copy ( it came while I was at band lessons lol). Anyway I got my copy and 30 minutes ago was rank #1006 on the ladder (not good enough to be listed :( )

Surprisingly enough, I check my inbox (email) this morning and guess what - 4 emails via the join form requesting permission to join the clan! Wow! Of course I granted permission, and we now have 4 new peons! Welcome Gyrid, Shadow, David, and Ecan (Psy's friend)!! I hope to see you all on B.Net (and WCIII) soon!

12:01 AM Tuesday, July 2nd, 2002
Hasn't been much going on lately, but guess what, WARCRAFT 3 COMES OUT TOMORROW! That's right, after months/years of waiting, it's finally coming out. Hopefully everyone will buy it as soon as they can; I'm sure it will be a blast. Don't plan on seeing me playing Warcraft 3, though; my comp is too old and crappy to run it, lol. Hopefully I'll get a new one sometime this summer. :/ Well, Hara's medals are cool and seem to be working just fine - right now I'm workin on getting a druid up to lvl 70+ so i can earn the omniscent medal or whatever that is for having all classes over lvl 70. Then I'll start working on the Elite of Hellfire thing, LOL, ya right...(LvL 99 takes a LONG time) Oh, almost forgot, I found a rumored list of the new Diablo II patch 1.10 details here.