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This page was last updated: Wednesday, 04-Sep-2002 19:10:01 EDT

News (image by

7:57 PM Monday, December 31st, 2001 Harabec (image by
Nothing real new. Just wanted to say Happy New Years to everyone!! Oh, and we also have a new addition to the webpage building section - Ush! Ushdui is now a webmaster!

3:07 PM Sunday, December 30th, 2001 Harabec (image by
Not much news really. Psy's brother joined. Also we've ran into conflict with the name of the clan (there's another OOL on B.Net). Check the forum for more details.

8:44 PM Wednesday, December 19th, 2001 Harabec (image by
THE FORUM IS UP! WOOT! Click the link on the left that reads "forum" to go there. Finally - the website has a use (besides reading content!) Hey, and check this out - NO GAY ANNOYING POP-UPS LIKE EZBOARD! Well, please post there!! We need some posts! Just drop in and say hi or SOMETHING!

6:57 PM Wednesday, December 19th, 2001 Harabec (image by
Got Members page up! Check it out... this page is slowly going up! Now if anyone knows of where I can get a good forum (besides EZBoard - too many pop-ups!)

6:42 PM Monday, December 17th, 2001 Harabec (image by
Nothing new really. Just got back to updating the site again. I finished the ranking page. I'll do members page next

6:07 PM Friday, November 30th, 2001 Harabec (image by
Well, I know this is short notice, but I've decided to make the meeting times at 7:30. They will be held in OOL's first channel, which will be our new home channel: "Light". Anyway, hope to see you all there tonight in about an hour (a little more actually). I know it's short notice, and I apologize. I don't intend to hold this against any of you should you not make it. Though you will win "brownie points" if you do manage to make it! That's all. I'll get the links up and running soon!

5:45 PM Tuesday, November 27th, 2001 Harabec (image by
Well, I'm working furiously on the content for the site. I have the links up (they don't go anywheres yet), and I've been messing around with colors and other types of styles. Anyways, I think I finally have it the way I envisioned it. I'll be working hard on getting the content up. My main goals right now are to get the members page, forum, quests, rules, and ranking system up. These are the main points of a guild, and the sooner these are up the better.

Yes, you read correct. I'm doing quests again! However, it failed last time because people were literally overflowing with items. So instead of doing every unique and set item, I'm limiting it to exceptional and elite uniques and set items only. I would limit it to only elites, but these are so rare that I feel many would get left out.

Also, welcome Psycho and Matt, as they both joined Friday.

Any feedback about the site is welcome. Keep in mind that the picture that says "Harabec" is a link! This means you can click on it to send me an email (gasp)! Anyways, I run on a cable modem, so everything loads really fast for me, but I know there are a lot of people that run on a 56k (and possibly worse) modem. Matt runs on a 56K modem, so the site will load at a slower rate for him. I just don't want to overload the site with music (by the way, what do you guys think of the music?) and pictures so that it's impossible to load at a decent rate for anyone without the high-tech internet connection.

2:08 AM Saturday, November 24th, 2001 Harabec (image by
Just wishing everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving. Hope you all enjoyed your turkey feast! I know I did.

Well, the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, my networking card somehow got fried (the night after I talked to Ushdui on Battle.Net). After countless tries of re-installing the needed software, I figured the card itself was fried. Which means I'm going to have to order a new one, and that in turn means until then I can't connect to the internet. So if you're wondering where I've been, that's where. I really wish I could get on and recruit and chat and stuff, but I can't. I'll hopefully get a new networking card sometime next week. Until then, try to recruit when you're bored. Play together, stay out of trouble, and enjoy the holidays while they last! Because before you know it, they'll be over!!!

Also added music to the website. Hope you all like it. I'll be adding more features and other stuff soon, so check back for any more updates!!!

10:55 PM Tuesday, November 20th, 2001 Harabec (image by
Mark that time in history folks, the revivial of the Order of Light is finally at hand. Very few would remember this once glorious empire, which was torn apart from the inside. However, several loyal members never gave up hope. I, Harabec, proud member of the Order of Light for 2.5 years, am ressurecting this lost civilization. Omega, the leader for several years before this moment, is unable to be leader as he is now a game developer and has his hands full (that and he contributed to the destruction of the clan in the first place). Anyways, I, Harabec (also known as DarkPhoenix) will be doing the website and leading. I've never lead the clan before, but after watching the clan rise and fall countless times, I feel I am qualified for the position. There is not a member left that has been here longer than me that is still an active member on Battle.Net. Ushdui comes in second for that... and the rest joined so much later and around the same time it's hard to tell. But as for me being leader, let me say one thing: I won't let this clan die.

Also, for any members interested, there are web positions open. You must have HTML knowledge down, and any JavaScript wouldn't help (I don't know much personally). Your job would be to help update and maintain the site. If you know HTML and enjoy it, then you might want to consider this. There are currently 2 spots available, so contact me if you're interested.

I'll be working hard on the content, as there's not much up YET. I've done OOL's site in the past, so I think I can get all the stuff up and running again. It will just take a bit of time (give me 'til Christmas).